How do I nominate a distributor, supplier or manufacturer for an award?
Visit the ‘nominate’ section on this website, download the nomination form, fill it in and return it to clare.nicholls@itppromedia.com by Wednesday 30 September.

Can I self nominate?
Yes you can! Any catering equipment professional can nominate any manufacturer, supplier or distributor company, including the one they work for.

How long will the nomination form take me to fill in?
As long as you want it to! The nomination process is designed to be incredibly straightforward and quick — all we ask is that you provide valid reasons why you believe the company you nominated deserves to be recognised.

What sort of things do I include in the nomination form?
The awards will take into account company achievements, success and milestones over the past 12 months. If you are a distributor, we want to hear about any successful company achievements, initiatives or successes. This could include new projects, partnerships, personnel or accreditations, investments you have made in your business or examples of customer satisfaction.

 If you are a manufacturer, then we want to hear about any product innovations, examples of business developments or work you have carried out to develop the market or support distributor partners.

Is there anything I should avoid doing?
Yes, don’t just send us a company profile! We want to see bonafide reasons why your company deserves to be recognised in its chosen category(s). Remember these reasons must be linked to achievements and successes from the last 12 months.

What type of companies are you classing as distributors/dealers or suppliers/manufacturers?
Distributors or dealers are firms which sell a full range of catering equipment to end-users or design and install commercial kitchens.

Manufacturers produce catering equipment to sell through the distribution chain and suppliers represent a certain number of equipment brands that they then sell to distributors.

How will the winners be decided?
Once the nomination process is completed, each category will be whittled down to a shortlist. Suppliers will then be invited to vote on the distributor awards and dealers will vote on the supplier awards.

Where and when will the awards take place?
The winners will be announced during a gala dinner on the evening of Wednesday 9 December at the Hurlingham Club, London.

How can I attend the awards?
Tickets are available individually or for tables of 10 people from https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/catering-insight-awards-2015-tickets-18628070059

I am interested in sponsorship opportunities, who do I contact?
Mark Harris, 0203 176 4226, mark.harris@itppromedia.com or Anne-Marie Judge, 0203 176 5632, anne-marie.judge@itppromedia.com

What is the dress code for the event?
The dress code is black tie.

What time does the event start?
Doors open at 7:30pm.